Successful Coaches Camp at Knights of Middle England

This year the BHAA has organised its first ever coaches training camps. In the last two months we’ve run 2 camps in Wales for a group of 7 new coaches. Then this weekend we followed up with a two day coaches training camp to both introduce some new coaches to the sport and to support existing coaches to reach their next level of qualification.

The attendees came from the across the UK – England, Wales & Scotland – and were taught by Simon Harding, a BHAA Advanced Coach. The BHAA is very grateful to the Knights of Middle England for hosting this event.

Several of the new coaches are already riding instructors looking to offer horseback archery coaching as part of their services. The coaches managed to sign off significant parts of their logbooks at the event and will continue to develop their horse archery skills over the rest of the year.

Becca Sweetman, Chair of the BHAA, who organised the event said, “To grow the sport we need three things: venues, coaches and horses. In the last few years we’ve seen an increase in the number of Affiliated Schools, with two building dedicated all-weather horseback archery tracks. This year we wanted to focus on coaches, particularly trying to target areas of the UK that don’t currently have a local qualified coach. It has been wonderful to receive so much interest from prospective coaches, and with new Clubs and Affiliated Schools already being planned, I’m really excited to see how many more individuals will now have the opportunity to learn this amazing sport.”

Susan Robertson said “I wanted to form a new club in Scotland and this camp has been really useful at completing the formal parts of my club coach qualification, I need to develop my skills further, but I hope to get the new club going very soon”

If you are interested in becoming a horseback archery coach then please do fill out this form. We will design future training programmes based around the demand that we see for them.

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