What is Grading?

Grading is a way to measure your progress in the sport. It also provides a way for selectors to select team members for National and International competitions. The BHAA is associated with two of the international governing bodies for Horseback Archery, which both offer their own grading systems.

IHAA Grading

The BHAA is a member of the International Horseback Archery Alliance.

The IHAA system has 3 different types of grading:
Walk trot – Raid track only (5 grades)
Student – Raid track only (6 grades)
Horseback Archer – Raid & Tower (10 grades)

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WFEA Grading

The BHAA is connected to the World Federation of Equestrian Archery
through Dimitri, who is a BHAA Coach based at Checkendon
Equestrian Centre.

The WFEA grading system requires you to achieve each score in both competition and exam settings.

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