IHAA Grading

The International Horseback Archery Association grading system is designed to provide a way for riders to measure their progress in the sport. It also provides a way for selectors to select team members for National and International competitions.

The system has 3 different types of grading:
Walk trot – Raid track only (5 grades)
Student – Raid track only (6 grades)
Horseback Archer – Raid & Tower (10 grades)

You can find full details on the IHAA website here but below is a summary for your convenience.

Grading Application Form

Members can apply for grading here:
Non-members can apply here: https://bhaa.org.uk/grading-member-no/

For full details visit the IHAA website

Applications need to be accompanied by scans of scoresheets unless scores were shot at a verified competition and published on the IHAA database.

Walk and Trot Grades

Walk and trot grades are for people just starting out in horseback archery and also for people who want to improve their accuracy on horseback. Ideal if you have limited space or for winter training – they can be much harder than you think.

Student Grades

Student grades ate not timed and the main focus is to develop a proper style and approach. There are a wide variety of student grade tracks to suit the different preferences of the different riders and clubs.

Horse Archer Grades

Challenging grades which have to be completed against the clock, horse archer grades are the benchmark for many international competitors.

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