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The British Horseback Archery Association aims to promote participation, standards, access and success in regional, national and international competitions. It is a not-for-profit organisation owned by its members and operated by a board of unpaid Directors elected by the membership.

British Horseback Archery Membership Options

Level Price  
Full riding membership £50.00 per Year. Select
Junior, students or those with a disability £30.00 per Year. Select
Ground/Non Riding Membership £20.00 per Year. Select
Family Membership £100.00 per Year. Select

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A Local, Regional and International Sport and Community Open to People of all Backgrounds.

Local Clubs
Horse Back Archery at local clubs

The BHAA has a growing number of volunteer-run horseback archery clubs across the UK ideal for people who have access to a horse.

Riding Centres
Horse Back Archery at Riding Centres

If you just want to try out horseback archery or you don’t have access to a horse, several commercial riding centres are affiliated with the BHAA.

Purpose of BHAA

Purposes of the British Horseback Archery Assocation

The British Horseback Archery Association is a Not for Profit organisation owned by its members. Its purposes are:

  1. To promote participation in Horseback Archery
  2. To promote and improve standards and safety of horseback archery for riders and horses.
  3. To promote acces to horseback archery
  4. To promote horseback archery competitions and events.
  5. To encourage and promote success in international competitions

Latest News

Horseback Archery for all the Family

You only need two things to participate in horseback archery: a willingness to try something new and the determination to master a new skill. Our membership is diverse: people from all backgrounds, of all ages and genders. The sport is so difficult that we celebrate any success with gusto.

Is it a difficult sport? Yes, it can be but it’s tremendous fun and you improve quickly.

Will anyone criticise me if I can’t hit the target? No, but we will all cheer if you hit something.

Can I participate if I cannot shoot a bow and arrow? Yes, we can quickly teach you the basic skills.

Interested in learning more?

If you would like to learn more about Horseback archery, join a club, take our qualifications, participate in our local, national and international competitions then you should join the British Horseback Archery Association.


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