European Championships and other events

European Championships

Applications now open for the European Championships, to be held in France from 20-25th September. We’ll be sending a GB team of 3-4 people.

Given the timeline you need to apply fast – applications close in one week on 7th August! 

Here’s the form with more information about the event:

We’ll also provide a further update as soon as the IHAA confirm the exact venue and pricing. 

World Championships

The World Championships have been postponed for a number of years due to covid. They will next be held in Mongolia in September 2023. Please complete the same form to express your interest in applying. 

Junior Nationals

The Junior Nationals are taking place at the end of this week, 4-6th Aug at New Leaf Triangle in Melton Mowbray. Spectators welcome.

The Festival of Horseback Archery and Senior Nationals

There’s still time to sign up to attend the training camp and/or competition. Please see the events page on the website for more info:

22-28th August at New Leaf Triangle. 

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