BHAA launches an exciting events programme for 2022

The BHAA is pleased to announce our largest ever programme of events. We have tried to include something for everyone. This year’s events are all based at New Leaf Triangle, and we are extremely grateful to Troy Shaw and his team for hosting the BHAA.

The events are now open for booking on the BHAA website and below is a summary of the dates and events.

Junior training camp

1 August  – 3 August
A three-day training camp aimed at the under 21s, more details of the programme to follow.

Junior & Young Rider National Championships

4 August – 6 August
National Championships Junior and Young Rider as defined in the IHAA rules
Raid 123, Tower 90 and a 4 run Mamluk

Festival of Horseback Archery

22 August – 25 August
An extravaganza of horseback archery, ground coaching, Tower, Raid and Polish Prelim +, skills at arms, arrow making workshop, full programme, pub ride and an ice cream van.

Senior National Championships

26 August – 28 August
Friday 26th August
We are planning to run a practice and training day on Friday for competitors before the Nationals, this is mandatory on safety grounds for all competitors. It means the horse can settle into the environment. 
Saturday 27th August and Sunday 28th
Raid 233 competition,
Tower 90
4 run Skirmish.


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