IHAA Rule Book

The International  Horseback  Archery  Alliance  (IHAA)  was launched in  January  2014. Its main aim was to produce a standardised set of rules, for two main reasons: the variation between countries and the potential for confusion, and to allow grading and postal matches to run worldwide. The IHAA’s rules were first edition in May 2018; the Tower and Skirmish rules were released in May 2020. The IHAA’s focus is on the multi-discipline event which we have termed Horseback Eventing (HBAE). This recognises the expertise of the archer and horse whose skills and adaptability to succeed in three varied events; the Tower, Raid, and Hunt tracks. All three contribute equally to the overall result. As in 3-day eventing, the partnership must be versatile and exhibit a range of skills. Greater horsemanship and expertise is required here than in mastering any single element. The HBAE rules have been designed specifically to work within the multi-disciplinary event structure and to allow people to be competitive at any speed. The rules here may also be used for stand-alone events in local competitions and IHAA’s postal matches or grading. Download…

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