BHAA RSO & Referee Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in studying for the BHAA’s Range Safety Officer or Referee qualifications.  Range  Safety  Officers  are  important  to  support  the  safe  and  efficient  running  of  ground  archery  and  mounted archery sessions; through both considered preparation of a safe shooting area to dynamic assessments of the local environment  and  ground  conditions,  monitoring  and  anticipating  the  behaviour  of  archers,  horses  and  any  other individuals in the vicinity of the range.  BHAA qualified Referees have all the responsibilities of an RSO but in addition must have a sound knowledge of the  IHAA  rules:  both  of  the  theory  and  their  fair  application.  Referees  must  understand  the  detail  of  all  tasks involved  in  the  running  of  a  competition  and  be  able  to  the  run  an  efficient  competition  that  is  fun  and  fair  for participants, interesting for spectators and safe for everyone.  Download…

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