Six Reasons to Renew Your BHAA Membership

The time to renew your BHAA membership is fast approaching on the 1st of April. Here are six reasons why you should renew:

Reason 1: Insurance

As of the 1st April 2021, BHAA membership includes Personal Liability insurance up to £2m. This cover is for both ground and mounted training. The full conditions are on the BHAA Insurance page; make sure you understand the conditions that apply to this insurance. This is a huge benefit to members, the peace of mind from knowing that you are insured to participate in horseback archery.

Learn more about BHAA Insurance

The BHAA insurance is a significant benefit the BHHA members.

Reason 2: Local Clubs

The BHAA supports a network of local clubs. The local clubs are the backbone of the BHAA, supporting new and existing members with local training, summer camps, regional competitions and social events. The clubs in this network all work as part of the BHAA family to promote and encourage participation. To join a local club, you also need to be a member of the BHAA.

Learn more about BHAA Clubs

See the clubs and coaches in your area.

Reason 3: National and local events

This year the BHAA has extended the range of events we offer members. Including national and local events. These include the Junior and Senior National Championships, a festival of Horseback Archery and training for new and existing coaches.

Learn more about BHAA Events

See our planned events.

Reason 4: Qualifications

To raise and maintain the standards of Horseback Archery and ensure it continues to be a safe sport, the BHAA has developed a range of qualifications. From the basics of club horseback archer to advanced coach, these qualifications mean we can all continue to participate safely in the sport.

Learn more about BHAA Qualifications

Learn about our qualifications.

Reason 5: Grading

If you want to measure your skill at horseback archery, then the grading means you can measure yourself against the best in the world. The BHAA has worked with the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) to develop a range of grades. These include student grades that focus on getting the basics right and horse archer grades that set the benchmark for international competitions. You can also grade at walk and trot.

Learn more about BHAA / IHA Grading

Learn about our grading system.

Reason 6: Access to member-only content

The BHAA has a growing library of member-only content, such as training presentations and logbooks for download. We hope to grow this member-only content over the next few years.

Access Member Only Content

Members can access member-only parts of the website.

Re-join now

Level Price  
Full riding membership £50.00 per Year. Select
Junior, students or those with a disability £30.00 per Year. Select
Ground/Non Riding Membership £20.00 per Year. Select
Family Membership £100.00 per Year. Select

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