2021 Nationals

It was absolutely wonderful to get back to holding the National British horseback Archery Championships this year. We had an excellent 3 days of competition at New Leaf Triangle in Leicestershire. Congratulations to Senior Champion Ros Jones and Junior Champion Éowyn Barnes-Short.

The full results are below:

Senior Raid

 Ros JonesMonkey53.60
 Emily MasseySebastian41.43
 Troy ShawSauron39.78
 Alex AustinChampion39.47
 Dom CaltonMonkey38.70
 Paul NaybourFlynn38.66
 Claire SawyerRocky36.15
 Kathryn WakemanLeo19.94
 Bethany MartinAsil8.48
 Stephen AianoChampion7.95

Senior Tower

 Ros JonesMonkey40.845
 Troy ShawSauron38.760
 Paul NaybourFlynn33.310
 Emily MasseySebastian30.505
 Alex AustinFlynn23.860
 Claire SawyerRocky22.390
 Dom CaltonMonkey20.12
 Stephen AianoChampion12.77
 Bethany MartinAsil6.325
 Kathryn WakemanLeo1.000

Senior Skirmish

 Emily MasseySebastian38.010
 Paul NaybourFlynn27.44
 Alex AustinFlynn23.86
 Ros JonesMonkey22.6
 Troy ShawSauron19.805
 Dom CaltonMonkey16.010
 Kathryn WakemanLeo15.38
 Bethany MartinAsil4.235
 Stephen AianoChampion2.850
 Claire SawyerRocky1.290

Senior overall results

 Ros JonesMonkey117.045
 Emily MasseySebastian109.945
 Paul NaybourFlynn99.410
 Troy ShawSauron98.345
 Alex AustinChampion/Flynn87.190
 Dom CaltonMonkey74.830
 Claire SawyerRocky59.830
 Kathryn WakemanLeo36.320
 Stephen AianoChampion23.570
 Bethany MartinAsil19.040

Junior & Young Rider Raid

 Oli SeckerKinnskjona33.14
 Katie PhillipsSebastian31.81
 Éowyn Barnes-ShortKinnskjona28.12
 Tilly ShawRocky19.09
 Katherine Robinson-ParkFritz12.90
 Cora MooreZavon8.80
 Amber RobersonOnion5.17

Junior and Young Rider Tower

 Éowyn Barnes-ShortKinnskjona32.760
 Tilly ShawRocky28.730
 Oli SeckerKinnskjona26.750
 Katie PhillipsSebastian13.205
 Cora MooreZavon6.615
 Katherine Robinson ParkFritz4.600
 Amber RobersonOnion4.445

Junior & Young Rider overall results

 Éowyn Barnes-ShortKinnskjona60.88
 Oli SeckerKinnskjona59.89
 Tilly ShawRocky47.82
 Katie PhillipsSebastian45.015
 Katherine Robinson-ParkFritz17.500
 Cora MooreZavon15.415
 Amber RobersonOnion9.615

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