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Thank you for your interest in studying for the Club Horseback Archer qualification. We hope that this will provide structure for the first steps of your journey in learning horseback archery. Our members come to us from different sporting  backgrounds  and  the  requirement  to  attain  a  basic  grounding  in  all  areas  is  important  to  us.  We  firmly believe in the importance of working on ability and knowledge across the whole breadth of skills which underpin the shooting of an arrow from a moving horse; both at a beginner’s level and as expertise increases. This breadth will both  improve  safety  and  increase  the  personal  satisfaction  of  each  horsearcher  in  their  achievements  within  our sport.  This booklet contains all the syllabus details and sign-off sheets required for this qualification. This booklet is for both walk and canter candidates; please note the different riding modules for each gait option. A person who holds the Club Horseback Archer qualification at walk may later qualify at canter just by taking the canter riding module at the faster gait.  There is no need to retake the archery or equine knowledge modules...

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Starting Out In Horseback Archery

The sport of horseback archery is open to all. No previous riding or archery experience is necessary, though it is preferable to get a good grounding in both before attempting to put the two together. You do not need to own your own horse, though we are happy to assist those members who own a horse to train it up for mounted archery. 

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