BHAA Postal Matches



These have been introduced for less established archers who may not yet wish to attempt the IHAA postal matches which must be done at a canter. The following classes can be done at walk or trot. 


Current match: July - September 2017  Last shooting date 30/09/17, please return scores by 01/10/17


Classes as follows:


Class 1: Juniors walk 30 class, under 14 yrs.


Class 2: Youth walk 30 class, 14 - 17 yrs


Class 3: Adults walk 30 class, 18 and over.


Class 4: Novice trot 30 class, any age, for entry requirements see below.


Class 5: Open trot 30 class

Classes 1-4: ​

Open to those who are Club Horseback Archer or unqualified beginners who have NOT competed in a canter class at national competition. 

NO lead rein UNLESS rider is disabled or a junior​, in which case lead rein is optional.

Please indicate your class and whether disabled (d) or on a lead-rein (lr) on your scoresheet.


Class 5:

Open to all


Guidelines for participation and scoresheets can be found here.


Please set up the course as per the rules and diagrams 


Results from the latest match can be found here.



IHAA Postal Matches


These have been running since 2013. Participants from different countries score themselves over the same course and submit results to be collated. Courses are taken from the IHAA database and different courses are used for each new match. The IHAA organises the postal matches and the BHAA encourages all members to participate.


For details of the next match and results of past matches click here.