The organisation is the outcome of years of work by the few people interested in promoting horseback archery in the UK. Most notably Hilary Greenland, Secretary of the SPTA, organised events and brought people together who were either interested in the sport or practising it. Following such an event on November 3rd 2007 held in Somerset, attendees agreed to establish the BHAA in order to create a more structured approach to the development of the sport.


The BHAA committee for 2017 is as follows:

● President – Dan Sawyer
● Chairman – Adam Snowball
● Secretary – Oisin Curtis
● Treasurer – Michael Ruby
● Membership Secretary – Michael Ruby
● Website – Richard Rowland & Helen Barnes
● Sponsorship & Media – Nicola West
● Competitions Organiser – Dave Clifford 
● Development Officer – Claire Sawyer
● IHAA Representative – Dan Sawyer


Non-committee posts:



● Records and IHAA grades – Dave Clifford
● BHAA qualifications – Claire Sawyer
● Running BHAA postal matches – Helen Barnes


Honorary vice-presidents:

Grand-Master Kim (Korea)

Holm Neumann (US)

Christian Schrade (Germany)

Tanaka-san (Japan)

Michal Sanczenko (Poland)

We thank them all sincerely for their support and encouragment of horseback archery in the UK


The BHAA is affiliated to the World Horseback Archery Federation, WHAF.